Project Time Apr,2011 at ISGR

Next week (April 13th) during Project time, each project group will be doing an ‘Egg Drop’, whereby we will drop a hard-boiled egg off the balcony of our building. We will therefore need lots of materials that the children can use to protect their eggs from the fall. We are asking all the students, if they could be bring in things such as egg cartons, balloons, newspapers, foil wrap, plastic wrap, milk/coke bottles and cartons, straws, plastic bags, cotton balls or what ever they think will help keep the eggs safe from the fall. Each class, from both the International wing and the English wing, will collect things for this and leaving it in that room for that particular project group in that group to use. So we’re asking each child to bring in at least 3 or 4 materials that they believe will keep the egg safe, of course they can bring more! Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and well received. We ask that all materials that are brought in are clean or washed out so avoid any germs or smells e.g. rinsing milk cartons out before bringing them in.

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In November’s gusty gale
I will flop my flippy tail and spout hot soup
I’ll be a whale!
Spouting once
Spouting twice
Spouting chicken soup with rice

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The Birthday Day

(By Colette Hiller)
My birthday is a week on Monday
Last year it was on a Sunday
It doesn’t matter anyway
I was born on a Saturday
It’s odd how birthdays don’t just stay
They hop around from day to day

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In October
I’ll be host to witches, goblins and a ghost.
I’ll serve them chicken soup on toast.
Whoopy once
Whoopy twice
Whoopy chicken soup with rice.

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Daisy the snail

Daisy is a brainy snail,
She can drive a train
And bring the mail,
She can sail a ship or follow a trail
Yes, Daisy is a brainy snail.

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Orange is an orange

Yellow is the sun

Brown is the bear

Purple is a plum

Red is an apple

Green is a tree

Black is a witch’s hat

I can read!

Listen to me.

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chocolate cake

1. 2 eggs and 3dl sugar 搅拌直到变白色

2. 加入3 msk kakao and 1 msk vanilasocker 搅拌

3. 加入 100gr butter(加热溶化过后) 加入2 dl 面粉
175度 15min~ 20min

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In January
it’s so nice
while slipping
on the sliding ice
to sip hot chicken soup
with rice.
Sipping once
Sipping twice
sipping chicken soup
with rice.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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